Back to Work……

Well, I’m back at work today. Our facility was closed on Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday due to the blizzard. I left work on Wednesday around 12:20PM and didn’t get home until 3PM. What a drive! The interstate was a parking lot for two-wheel drive vehicles and tractor-trailer trucks. It was white-out driving conditions due to the 30 to 60 mph winds and the snow piled up on the south side of the east-west streets. So, anyone making a right turn heading east ended up driving straight into deep snow drifts. I could have been home quickly, but there were cars stuck or sliding all over the place. I pushed at least 10 cars and even pulled one out with my truck. The biggest problem was that I couldn’t easily go around them so if I wanted to get home, they needed to get moving! There were many abandoned cars just sitting in the middle or edge of the roads making things even more challenging. On Research Parkway where the white-out was probably the worst I was just moving along at 15mph when I came across a car in the middle lane. Thinking it was stuck, I pulled up next to it, only to find that there was nobody inside. They just left it in the middle of the road . . . very dangerous. Research was littered with abandoned cars. I was soaking wet and very cold by the time I got home. I changed into some dry clothes and then crawled into bed. It took about an hour to get warm again.

A lot of people complain that -others- don’t know how to drive in the snow and I usually think, -well, I don’t think that they’re that bad-. But, after trying to help some of these people who just push the gas pedal to the floor when trying to get moving I have to say that I’ve been wrong all along. A lot of people really don’t know how to drive in the snow. The three things that I noticed was that they don’t know how to steer, or apply the gas, or get the car rocking when they’re stuck.

Yesterday, I got out in the afternoon and helped a few more cars and light-duty SUVs get un-stuck. It was nice to get outside and in the sun . . . even if it was only 24 degrees.

Cut down that tree!

On Sunday we went out to cut down our Christmas tree in the Pike National Forest. Permits are $10 and the max trunk diameter is 6″.  Though the temperature was only in the 20’s the sun made it feel much warmer. So, with bluebird skies it was quite a nice day. We searched for over an hour and found a decent 13 foot tree.  We only had to haul it up one hill and then the walk was pretty easy. Check out the photos in the photo album Tree 2006. When we got it home we had to cut off about a foot to make it fit in the house with Lisa’s handmade angel on top. On the way back we stoped to eat at . . . . . . . . no, not at Sonic, but A&W this time. A fun day in the woods.