Steve and Mike’s 14th Annual Turkey Bowl

Black Friday is the day for my Annual Turkey Bowl. This is the 14th year, and as usual the weather was nice. Not as nice as yesterday (60 degrees) but nice enough for the annual flag football game.  Friends, family, co-workers, former co-workers, etc. showed up with ages ranging from 10 to 44. The two-hour, no-break game was fun as always and my team came out on top this year by a score of 5-4.

I slept in until 9AM this morning as Lisa and Joshua got up at 3AM to try to get a deal on a laptop at Best Buy, but were too late (read too far back in the 150 yard line) for the tickets which the store personnel start passing out at 4AM. They were back home by 5AM.  Following the game Lisa made pizzas and then I took a several hour “nap”, from which I awoke with already sore muscles.


3 comments on “Steve and Mike’s 14th Annual Turkey Bowl

  1. Kathy C says:

    People started camping out the day before to get in line at Best Buy, so there is no chance around here to get those deals. I picked up small things that I wanted to get for gifts at other stores. One year I went to Best Buy and it was wall to wall with people, so that if there was an emergency, we would have surely never made it out alive. Flag football sounds fun, but you pay for it later. The younger kids can run circles around the “older kids”!


  2. Steven L says:

    The little guys are so short that you end up grabbing them around the waist until you can get to the flag. It’s pretty funny! But, most of us bigger kids are soccer players so it’s pretty competitive. Usually, we still have the edge in the speedy departmentment. Thankfully, I’m not sore at all today (Sunday).


  3. Diane L says:

    see, whenever i play football with my boys, i get hurt! they’re bullies i tell you! bullies! did i ever tell you when they hit me with the baseball while playing running bases?? hee hee. ah yes, good times 🙂

    3AM?? they should have made it midnight i guess. i know people camped out at our Best Buy about 36 hours beforehand to get that new playstation thing. some college students admitted that the only reason they did it was to get some to post on ebay later, hoping to make $3000 or so. well, i hope they find another good deal on laptops! they’ll have them, just be patient.


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