Soccer Season is Over

Well, Paul’s team (and mine) finally played our last makeup soccer match.  We went through a rough section in the middle of the season due to so many disruptions due to weather. There were two games to go and we were third from the bottom out of 11 teams. But, the boys played great and we won the last two  by a score of 1-0 and 3-1. The last game was against the 3rd place team! We were hoping to be able to stay in the Challenge I bracket and not move down to Challenge II. Those 6 points (1 for a tie and 3 for a win) propelled us into 6th place because the bracket was so competitve that several teams had 10 and 11 points. We had four wins. But, to my surprise, 6th place means that we should be moving from Challenge I to Classic next spring. This a big step for this new team and I’m already getting calls from players of other clubs who want to come play for us. Classic is the third tier in the state competitve league which goes from top to bottom: Premier I, Premier II, Classic, Challenge I and Challenge II.

For this winter we are planning on some scrimmages, an indoor soccer session, and a tournament in Pueblo in February. We have our work cut out for us.


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