Alison Brown CD

I bought a new music CD by Alison Brown. She is a bluegrass banjo player and was on the album New Grange. The album I bought is titled “fair weather”, released in 2000. I just finished listening to it, and it is quite enjoyable. Some good banjo, mando and guitar work there. 


2 comments on “Alison Brown CD

  1. Diane L says:

    sounds cool. so i noticed that to view your page it said that there is mature content and i had to click yes to verify that i was 18 and was okay with viewing it, hee hee. had me wondering what you were up to. ha!

    i miss having time to play my banjo. but then again, i miss having time. ugh.


  2. Steven L says:

    That happened to Kathy’s blog page a couple of weeks ago. Not sure why that happens. She didn’t change anything and it never happened again.

    I’m sure that you can find 15 minutes each day to play that banjo…..


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