One week later . . .

Well, one week after I posted a couple of photos from around town showing the first snow storm, here we are again. This time we received a bit more . . . probably 6 inches total. It was quite windy and snowing when I left work early to attend one of Joshua’s final varsity soccer games. Unfortunately, when I got to the field I found out it was cancelled. Hopefully, they’ll play it on a day when I can attend. So, I went back to work. One comment about the photo on the deck out back. I took two pictures with the Canon A620, one with “night scene” and one for “Snow”. This one with the snow setting came out better and brighter. Ain’t technology amazing?

Tomorrow is my  birthday which means that Thursday is my 20th wedding anniversary! I sent calle lilies to Lisa yesterday (her wedding flowers), and presented her with a box of chocolates this morning, and tomorrow will be roses and then on Thursday . . . well I’ve got an idea, but we’ll see. Thinking jewelry. 

One comment on “One week later . . .

  1. Diane L says:

    well i’m writing this ON your bday so happy day to you!

    my teacher (science) shares the same bday as you–same year too, he was born at MacNeal actually….and it’s weird b/c you two are very much alike. (insert twilight zone music here)

    i can’t believe you guys had that much snow! that’s wild.

    aw, aintcha sweet–all those nicey nice things for Lisa… how thougthful 🙂


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