Visitors from back home

Diane and her family visited us on August 11th, her birthday. Norb asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said that she wanted to see the Cubbies play the Rockies . . . at Coors Field in Denver! (See more photos in Diane Visits 2006). It was a good game, if you are a Rockies fan, as they beat up on the poor Cubbies that night. But, I think that we all had a good time. We had cake before we left for the game and I gave her a birthday present . . . which is the only one I can ever remember giving to her. She is really enjoying the 5 string banjo. We played a lot of music on Saturday, the 12th, as it was off-and-on raining for most of the day. While we goofed around, Norb, Lisa, Joshua, Luke Paul, Jake and Corina (Joshua’s girlfriend) played an intense game of Monopoly. A very nice visit. They tried to drive up Pikes Peak on Monday, but the road was closed due to snow and hail! They took a rain check and went rafting instead on the Arkansas River.


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