Whitewater Rafting

On July 3rd we went whitewater rafting in the Arkansas River. Again we started out in Canon City, which is about an hour southwest of Colorado Springs. We rode about 20 miles or so in the bus and put in around 2PM or so. Fortunately, it was overcast and we even got a little rain which was pretty neat. It was warm enough to not need wetsuits. The photo shows all five of us in the the yellow helmets, with the guide, Ozzie, in the back. (I put a copy of it in the photo album area, Outdoor Life, which should allow you to see a larger version of it.) From left to right are me, Lisa, Paul, Joshua and Luke. Believe it or not, none of us knew they were taking the picture, except the guide, so you can see we had a blast. At a couple of calm stretches in the river, the guide let us jump out into the river and swim for a bit. Even though the water was only 60 degrees or so, it seemed mildly warm due to the clouds. Near the end of the trip, the guide asked if anyone was feeling a little gutsy, and Luke volunteered. He was told to sit on the front tip of the boat facing forward holding on like he was riding a bull. We hit a “hole” and the water came crashing over the front thowing him way back into the middle. We all had a good laugh and of course, he loved it too.

It was a good time to go because the water was running around 8oo CFS. When it is high during the peak melt-off it can be around 6,000 CFS and can be difficult for the younger kids. We’ll have to consider rafting the Royal Gorge next time. What fun!


One comment on “Whitewater Rafting

  1. Diane L says:

    wow! that sounds like a great time! i don’t think i’d be as brave as Luke though. i can’t believe you guys didn’t pose for that picture–what luck!


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