Royal Gorge Bridge

On July 2nd we decided we’d go down to the Royal Gorge Bridge attraction which is just west of Canon City. Haven’t been there since 1990 or so. Anyway, it’s the world’s highest suspension bridge, meaning it is something like 1,100 feet above the Arkansas River. It started out okay . . . we walked across it looking over the side in the gusty wind. The bridge goes up and down giving the same feeling as being on a boat when the cars squeeze by. The boys did a tomahawk throw and then we headed over to the Aerial Tram. We waiting in line for a while, but then a storm moved in and they shut it down due to lightning. So we walked back across and got in line for the incline which takes you down the 1,00 feet to the bottom along the river. After 30 minutes, lightning hit a transformer only 100 feet from us and the whole place went dark. The poor folks already at the botom were stuck there for a while. Apparently, they had a back-up generatorand got the people back to the top safely, but they weren’t allowing anyone back down so I found the manager and insisted on a partial refund, which he reluctantly did. Better luck next time, I guess.

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