Mayoral Visit

The mayor of Colorado Springs, Lionel Rivera, visited our house last night. I’m in the garage about to makes some cuts with my plate joiner and Luke comes in the garage and says, “Dad, the mayor is at the door”.  How weird is that? Seems he was looking for support for the upcoming republican primary in August, as he is now running for US Congress.


3 comments on “Mayoral Visit

  1. Kathy C says:

    That’s bizarre.


  2. Steven L says:

    The mayor of a city of half a million people showing up at your door takes one by surprise. I have to give him credit for getting out and meeting people.


  3. Diane L says:

    well, it’s good to see that people still do that. i actually voted for our alderman because he did that, none of his opponents did. well, that and he really seemed to have a lot of good things he wanted to change in town. but still….


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