End of school

Only a few more days of school left. We attended Luke’s 8th grade band concert last Wednesday and his graduation on Monday (22nd) night. The concert was quite pleasant for his 200 piece 8th grade band. He played baritone for two years and then switched to tenor sax over last summer. Now he wants to buy his own bass guitar. The graduation was a little long, especially with all the screaming during the 20 minute slide show at the end. Luke attended a dance afterwards.

As I figured, #1 son is smarter than his old man at least when it comes to school. We received his ACT scores the other day . . . he got a 30. I think I scored a 21 or 22. The max is 36 I believe. He’s thinking about taking it again. My guess is that it’s because his long-time friend Max scored a 32. We’ll see. The SATs are coming up in another week or two.


One comment on “End of school

  1. Diane L says:

    woo-hoo! way to go Joshua!!! beatin’ the old man,oh yeah! heh heh heh….


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