Update on metals, kids, house

Remember a while back I was marveling at the high prices of gold and silver? Well, I looked again today and the prices have risen further. Gold was $420 one year ago and is now right at $700. Silver was $7 one year ago and is now at$14.30. Platinum was $880 a year ago and is now $1240. Just seems crazy to me.

Paul played a chess tournament this last weekend and came in 4th place. 

Luke’s soccer team won this last weekend, 3-0, improving their record to 3-4-2. Hopefully they’ll be at .500 after the last game this weekend. We’re trying to get into a tournament which takes place on the Air Force Academy on the weekend of June 2, 3, 4.  His 8th grade graduation date is set for May 22nd.

Joshua took the ACT recently and has the SAT in a couple of weeks. He’s still interested in being an engineer in nano-technology.

All three boys were reffing soccer games last night.

I shot the ceiling texture and wall texture this last weekend. Not sure I’m totally happy with it, so I might touch-up a few places yet. Otherwise we’re ready to start painting. Yahoo! We’re getting close.


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