While working on the house the last few days I’ve been listening to some old music. My CD player, which I bought in 1985 seems to be starting to flake out, so I was listening to records on my turn-table. That’s right. . . vinal. Anyway, I listened to some music I haven’t heard in a while, like Maynard Ferguson’s, MF Horn 2 from 1972,  one of my favorite MF records. I also played a couple of Jean-Luc Ponty albums, Cosmic Messenger (1977) and Enigmatic Ocean (1977). And finally, the Yes 90125 album (1983). I enjoy the combination of musicianship and vocals in Yes’ albums and the full big-band sound of Maynard’s crew. Jean-Luc Ponty’s electric violin was really interesting at the time which, combined with excellent guitarists and bassists, really drew me in. I listen to it now and even though these albums are 20 to 30 years old I really love listening to them. The excellent musicianship makes me realize (again) why so many complain about the lack of it in music these days. Not that the new stuff is something to be disregarded, because there is creativity there and a lot of people love it, but for me, some of these other less well known styles really satisfy.

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  1. Diane L says:

    y’know i almost bought a MF cd not so long ago, but i think we opted for the Preservation Hall Dixieland Jazz Band and Herb Alpert instead. and i listen to that same YES album–only mine is on cassette and it’s starting to be warpy sounding. i loved Yes. i just loved the way the vocals with the music all went together, but yet it didn’t–it was as though they weren’t followng any rules…or making up their own i guess, which is what real creativity is.


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