Remodel and book update

Well, I finished An Army of Davids on Saturday night. The author has a section on nanotechnology (molecular manufacturing and computing) which was interesting. Using it to produce objects which go into your bloodstream to repair clogged arteries, kill cancer cells, fix cellular damage seems a little scary, and they think that they could use little objects like these to produce other objects called “assemblers”. Pretty sci-fi. It seems though, that the people are less afraid that it won’t work and are now  more afraid that it will work. What happens if the little buggers get out of control? I hear Creighton wrote a book about this topic, too.

Even wilder is that there are those in the genetics fields (biogerentologists)  seem to think that in 20 to 30 years we will have the technology to significantly reduce aging or perhaps eliminate it! They are seroiously talking about people living to 200 years and beyond. Who knows maybe it’s just they’re way to generate research money.   

A final topic in the book (there are others) is the drive to inhabit another planet.  Scientists believe that they have the technology or could have the technology to modify the atmosphere on Mars, making it suitable for a human colony.

There is much more in the book, but again it’s more of a daydream book to me. A sort of, “hey that would be cool” . . . and then I stare off into space for a few minutes thinking about how it would all work.

I framed the new living room closet yesterday and today and started getting the drywall on it. Never made one of them before . . . I think it looks pretty good . . . so far. Gettin’ antsy to get this project done.


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