Progress is a good thing……..

Well, I’ve been playing mandolin for about six or maybe it’s seven weeks now. It’s been great. I’ve got close to nine tunes memorized . . . all of the Irish, Old Time, Celtic variety (jigs and reels, etc.). They’ve got some pretty interesting names, too. These are the ones I’ve learned: Billy in the Lowground, Carolyn’s Draught, Sally Gardens, Liberty, Over the Waterfall, Soldier’s Joy, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Red Haired Boy, The Cup of Tea, Kesh Jig. I borrowed a recording of Cup of Tea and it is ridiculously fast, and I’ve just started on Drowsy Maggie, which is very difficult (or challenging, depending on my mood). It is also very, very fast. So, it’ll be some time before I can play those at speed, but it is enjoyable none the less. I like to end the evening with about 30 to 60 minutes of playing as it is very relaxing. It’s like Nike and McDonalds together . . . . Just Do It, and I’m Lovin’ it.

Also, I started mudding and taping the new wall last Saturday and did the ceiling tonight. Things are starting to take shape. I’ve got some pictures I’ve yet to scan on the progress being made. Once I get that done I’ll post them in the photo album area.


2 comments on “Progress is a good thing……..

  1. Diane L says:

    so you’re learning all of these songs off of recordings? or you have sheet music for them? or what? if i were to learn by listening, it’d take me forever to figure it out (seriously–like months for one song alone!)

    it sure sounds like a lot of fun though!


  2. Steven L says:

    I have sheet music. Though, as I understand it, the preferred method is to learn by listening. The recordings help me understand the style in which it should be played.


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