What kids are thinking….

So, I’m driving home from soccer practice with Luke and his best friend/teammate Ryan. Somehow, they get to talkin’ about gravity and the amount of G’s this pulls or that. Then they say, “I wonder what would happen if earth’s gravity all of a sudden went to 5 times what it is now. I’d weigh like . . . 400 pounds. Would your bones get crushed under all of your new weight? Hey, maybe you’d just fall down and go splat! Well, nobody would be able to stand up except the strongest people . . . maybe. We’d all have to crawl around on the ground until our leg muscles got strong enough to hold us up. And, what about snakes? Would they be fine? They already crawl around on the ground.”  Too much Calvin and Hobbes perhaps.

Funny stuff.

One comment on “What kids are thinking….

  1. Diane L says:

    it DOES sound a bit calvin and hobbes! that’s hysterical. once after school jake’s friends were walking past my car (when they were in 3rd grade) and kurtis had found a dead squirrel and the other boy was all excited trying to get kurtis to show him where the squirrel was and he said,”so you know where it is? can ya show me? can you?!” in this voice that made me laugh b/c you could hear how he was trying to convince kurtis to show him…it was the trying to convince him “sound” in his voice that was funny.


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