The Daily (Edited Feb. 14th)

I started and finished another novel this weekend (Feb 4,5). It was another Creighton book titled Airframe (1994), and was written in the same style as State of Fear (2004). An interesting book about airplane manufacturing/safety/media coverage and international business.

Joshua went around a corner and the left front tire came off the rim. I’ve never seen that before. Then a day later, he said that a little red car drifted over into his lane and he ran into a curb. Lisa and I went over to where the car was parked and I saw that he wiped out the front right wheel and bent the suspension. Oh, joy! I think that this is the time of life when kids get expensive. This is now a $700 repair as we found out that the sub-frame is bent. OUCH!

Lisa, Luke, Paul and I went down to the coin store on Friday, Feb 3. I finally bought another early 1800s cent so I could get a better idea of what it should look like. My father gave me a worn 1822 cent 15 or 20 years ago and now I’ve got an 1825 one too. BTW – pennies from that era were as big as a quarter is today. We also bought a little silver while we were there. It is amazing to see how much silver, gold and platinum have gone up in the last few years. But, I’ve come close to doubling my money on the coins I did buy a few years back.

We all attended a family retreat day on Saturday. Some of it was interesting and good, but the couple there to speak on family communcation were terrible in my opinion.

(Feb 14th)

Okay, I’ve added a scan of an 1825 cent with a modern quarter, and an 1858 Flying Eagle cent. the 1858 is the size of a modern penny. Pretty weird, eh?


4 comments on “The Daily (Edited Feb. 14th)

  1. Diane L says:

    so THAT’S where the 1822 cent went! well, I guess I won’t be getting that in “the will”. Great, that’s just great….


  2. Steven L says:

    Oh c’mon now. You don’t even remember it except that maybe you saw it at my house when I took it out of the safe.


  3. Kathy C says:

    I’ve never seen a cent that old. Reading the Jackson book, and realizing it’s about the same era, I don’t remember much said about stamped money. If you can afford silver and antique money, then a car repair is no prob. EH..


  4. Steven L says:

    Ha, ha. Silver is only $9 an ounce. So, anybody can skip a couple of lunches and afford some. The cent was a little more than that. Maybe I can scan one next to a regular penny.


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