Hunting 2005

Joshua, Paul and I went elk hunting in November of 2005. An interesting trip to be sure.When we got to the place where we set up our camp it was 17 degrees F. By 10PM it was less than 10. People seem to think that because you have a high powered rifle that it’s unfair chase, but we saw elk on opening day and they were 500 yards up hill and there wasnt’ a good shot. We chased them all that day and got close but they were in timber which makes shooting at any range difficult. We could have wounded them several times, but I don’t like take shots like that. We ran into more over the next few days, but still didn’t get the good shot. At one point the whole hillside erupted with elk when the lead cow barked and they all took off running. Unbelievable. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

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