Global Climate Change (edited Feb. 10th)

With this blog thread I thought I’d make it a little different, in that I could post continuing information/thoughts, though this is proving difficult because I can only edit my blog if someone doesn’t comment on the previous post. Oh, well.  Anyway, I’ve long been suspicious of the Global Warming fear that has spread thoughout the western world. It just didn’t seem to be logical. By chance, a co-worker asked me if I’d read Michael Creighton’s book, State of Fear. In the form of a novel, it sets out to question the “fact” of global warming. I found it clever the way he wove in the story line with actual data I found on government sites, like NOAA and historical climate data. It makes the old addage, “figures lie and liars figure” ring as true as ever.

Check out this website: for some interesting global climate change  data, or this one: for the hurricane data by decade.

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